Murray Declares State of Emergency 1/26/15

From Town of Hempstead:


Town Crews Respond to Storm;
Programs to be Cancelled Today through Wednesday

Hempstead Town’s snow salting and plowing crews are responding as this year’s first major snowstorm bears down on our area. A forecasted major winter blizzard has prompted Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray to announce a state of emergency. The town will be cancelling all Parks Department programs and registration starting today, Monday, January 26th at 1 p.m. through and including Wednesday, January 28th.The Department of Senior Enrichment is also cancelling programs as of 1 p.m. today through and including Wednesday, January 28th. Additionally, the Town Board meeting, an India Republic Day Ceremony (at Town Hall) and a Taxpayer Forum (at the Baldwin Public Library) slated for tomorrow, have been cancelled.

“Our town’s salt spreader and plow crews are on the job, doing everything within their power to keep our residents safe,” announced Murray. “What’s more, I’ve declared a state of emergency, requesting that all cars be removed from roadways, and I would urge all motorists to stock up on food and medical supplies now. Once the snow begins, the town will ask drivers to limit road travel to essential trips.”

Again, the town is requesting that homeowners remove cars from roadways so that town snow removal crews can effectively and efficiently salt and plow streets. Finally, Supervisor Murray cautioned residents to limit exposure to the elements as temperatures drop. Frigid temperatures and high winds are forecasted to accompany the storm. Murray also advised motorists that high winds may create “white out” conditions, which can severely limit visibility.

“Hempstead Town will be working to keep neighbors safe and roads clear as this winter storm hits our area,” said Murray. “We ask residents to help us by removing cars from roadways and by limiting car travel during peak snowfall periods.”


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