Kaminsky Hosts 4/13/15 NYS Hospital Forum


MONDAY, APRIL 13 – 7:00PM –

Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky hosts NY State Health Department to hear our thoughts on the closure and loss of Long Beach Hospital.

Please attend the hearing, speak out and be heard.

You will get to ask why Long Beach Hospital was (illegally) closed, for whose benefit, and why South Nassau is not required to use the $180 million they received to rebuild the hospital on the hospital, but can spend it elsewhere. Probably the same reason I would guess.

Letter to the editor from Beach To Bay Central Council of Civic Associations:

The recent Herald article entitled “South Nassau Unveils Hospital Plans” was troubling since it confirmed that South Nassau’s plans are unresponsive to the medical needs of the 40,000 (doubling in the summer) residents of the Long Beach Barrier Island.

The South Nassau (SNCH) CEO, Richard Murphy, was quoted as saying the proposed Nassau Medical Arts Pavilion was “essentially a hospital without beds”. A “hospital without beds” is not a hospital.

The residents and visitors of our barrier island and nearby communities require more than meaningless phrases…we require a FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL..

On MONDAY, APRIL 13TH at 7pm, NYS Dept. of Health is coming to City Hall, 6th floor, to listen to us, the citizens of this barrier island, concerning our medical/emergency needs. We should voice our concerns.

The Beach-to-Bay Civic Association (BBCA) is a rallying center for various civic groups, community organizations, the Chamber and others demanding appropriate medical services. The BBCA and thousands of our neighbors are seeking a full-service hospital, using approved FEMA funds to help restore this island from the damage inflicted by Super storm Sandy.

The BBCA proposal, not the SNCH proposal, will save lives, and develop a twenty first century health facility for the residents and summer visitors to our barrier island, while reducing the unnecessary and costly ambulance travel. Furthermore, using FEMA funds in Long Beach, rather than elsewhere as South Nassau proposes, is fair and equitable . It follows the intent of Congress in appropriating FEMA funds. It will assist in the restoration of the City that suffered Sandy’s horror.

Beach to Bay Civic, representing the citizens of this island, has been advocating for this Public Forum for well over a year. Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky should be congratulated for his leadership in requesting the April 13th public forum. The BBCA, working with Assemblyman Kaminsky, encourages all concerned residents to demonstrate their solidarity and resolve. We demand that the DOH and SNCH support the rebuilding of health services in this community!

As a community, let’s promote this meeting and help our barrier community achieve a safe future.

Barbara Bernardino​​​
Phyllis Libutti​​​
Martin Gruber, M.D.
Dr. Dennis Ryan​​​
Frank McQuade​​​
Mark Tannenbaum
Matt Adler​​​​
Ed Glister​​​​​