Drinking Water Status and Sustainability Presentation

The Beach to Bay Central Council of Civics bring a presentation on problems the Long Beach Barrier Island’s drinking water currently faces. 

Thursday, June 23,2016 7:30pm

Long Beach Public Library Auditorium (2nd Floor)

Almost 4 years ago, when we published our post “Long Beach Drinking Water Meeting“(https://makingmypoint.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/long-beach-drinking-water-meeting/) this issue was being noticed. 

At the time,  Assemblyman Weisenberg said this was “the most serious problem in the city’s history.” Two weeks later,  disaster in the form of Sandy struck, and there were more immediate items that we needed to attend to.  

Can you imagine, our only source of nearly-free drinking water is neither protected nor managed to assure it remains clean, safe, and available- even into the near future?  

Please attend to find out more. 


One thought on “Drinking Water Status and Sustainability Presentation

  1. Excellent    Thanks

    It might be interesting to know that NY DEC has placed a cap of 350 mil gallons per year for our Lido – PL  Water District.  The cap is a 5 year average, which if we exceed again in 2016, we will be over the cap.

    Add the 15 stories LB project… same aquifer.

    We are in danger.

    See you next week at the meeting.


    Don Kelly  Pres  Pt Lkt- Lido Property Owners Association 

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