THIS IS… just my idea of being a super unofficial blog of Point Lookout, NY.  all opinions here are my own.  this is a BLOG, not a newspaper.

be it known, nowhere will i ever claim different: it’s MY take on events, people and places around town…

I’m just one man with a laptop and probably just enough computer know-how to barely make the point i’m trying to make, which is.. i see special things around here, and i want to share it with my neighbors, friends, family and anyone else.  i’ve said for years i wanted to and havent..

til now.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. This blog is great! I live about a mile away in Lido.
    Do you happen to know the phone number of the bishop molloy rec center?
    This page is bookmarked 🙂

    • thanks! you can also follow us and get notified of every post in the follow and like buttons here, as well. not sure there’s a number @ rec hall. heck, I dont think they have a street number!

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