Hospital Rally Today


Today, 10/26/14 at 2pm,

Residents are urged to join neighbors at Long Beach City Hall / Kennedy Plaza, wear red, bring signs and make sure the $170 million in FEMA funds is used to give our community back a full service hospital with 24/7 emergency room.


See you there!


Leashed Common Denominator


A reader asks:
“Just wondering if you have any idea who i should call about a very aggressive dog that has charged me 3x over the past month?

It has tags but freely roams the street. Just worried it is going to hurt a child or an elderly person.. ”


Letter: Resident Input on PLCA mailing and Park Project

Dear Civic Board

Congrats on the newest 4C Newsletter with POBox delivery. Wow- indeed this newest project underscores a primary civic project:caring for children and beautifying our community. I note the invite to private donors. Someone on the Civic should contact our past resident Board member, Sara Moran. She found a way to liason with TOH paying and both sides having a job well done.

For many terms Sara on the Board expedited the TOH budget for local improvements. Note the extensive brick design at the PO and even street crossing clarity. I’m sure utilizing her expertise will clarify what TOH may do to help this project.


Claire Curtin

NY Rising Project Evaluation


Sorry for the delay reporting on the NY Rising final public input meeting of February 20, 2014.

there is a new survey which you need to take to help our area get the money we deserve.

please click this link to take the new survey

The story is we have $6 million so far. when you take this survey and note the costs of the projects, a offhand total of these projects you’re in the $60-70 MILLION range.

This survey is in addition to any previous survey you might’ve done before the past week or so. It is to “determine” what’s important and gets priority for the money.


Please take that survey now. Best I can tell the online site for the survey is working as of today 3/5/14.

☢ Radioactive Cesium 137 found in Reynold’s Channel.

No “imminent” danger, but it all adds up, no?

Please check out this Article From Newsday : Radioactive Element Found In Reynolds Channel

Normally I would just share this on social media but when I read the article i have to ask:

  • what has been going on at Bay Park plant?
  • We know it came to light that people were actively seeking to get rid of radioactive Fracking waste through our treatment plants. is this related?
  • this radioactivity is related to human made nuclear fallout… didnt know we had that there!

To me, I can read beteween the lines pretty well here: The players parse words very effectively. let me translate:

EPA’s biggest concern seems to be “hey don’t blame us, we didn’t find it and nobody made us look for this and we’re still not going to”.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said about the high levels “that’s nothing! call us when it’s 1000 pico grams so we know we could pollute here and you never be able to tell the difference!

others postulate this is just a resuspension of sediments.

Doesn’t the resuspension of the sediments also dilute them further? i can’t imagine sod sized clumps disperse in clumps and re-settle elsewhere? And then that was just a big coincidence that’s what got sampled. seriously? I don’t know about you but I know if I had a bucket of sediment and water and I shook it up and re mingled that into the bay it would be pretty diluted.

so, the consenus with these quoted people is that it’s not a big concern because “it was part of the marine environment before” um. yeah after someone dumped it there.

In a rather strange coincidence, I shared this next unbelievable article and must watch Video report from the Tampa Bay Times on social media a few weeks ago, but facebook only showed it to about 40 people(dont get me started!).

This took place directly off our shores in the late 50’s:

USS Calhoun County sailors dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste into ocean

so how long are 60 year old, concrete-filled 55 gallon drums supposed to contain that, much less the things that were just dumped outright….that (allegedly) included an unused Atomic bomb! and this cesium 137 would make sense then ?

Maybe I’d rather not find out.