Rescue Today @ Civic Beach!


Local hero Donna Walsh’s quick action helped save a group of young ladies from the clutches of a potentially deadly rip current.

With a 20+ mph inland sea breeze, wave action chopped the water today at Civic Beach, as a group of young ladies, guests from out of town, enjoyed a swim.

After a few close calls, the girls were finally pulled beyond their strength, their footing, and the safety of the shore by the rip current next to the jetty.


Mary Stack tells me Donna noticed the girls in trouble and called for help with no response. Donna searched her bag, found and sounded her whistle and called for help with it, as she entered the water herself to help.

Alerted to the situation, the Town lifeguards on second beach as well as another beach goer and Donna herself pulled the girls in.

So everyone is aware, there are no lifeguards on Civic Beach until the beach season officially opens later this month. They only perch on the chairs at second beach this early in the season.


After a good scare and cry, the girls were back to enjoying their day at the beach, a day that could have ended very differently for many.

Who knew,  of all the important things we all trudge down for a day at the beach, did you ever think you’d hear “don’t forget to bring your whistle”.


Loop Parkway Motorcycle Lane?


Someone phoned in a story to me- Another crazy accident on the Loop Parkway

It seems this morning on the Loop Parkway as drivers came up to the drawbridge, the lights changed, yellow to red, drivers slowed their cars and stopped as the gates lowered down.

As traffic slowed, like thunder out of the blue, up throttled a motorcyclist either unaware of, or trying to race the red lights and the gate’s descent.

He decided he was going to drive in between the cars that were stopping (you know annoying him going slow and all) and keep going over the bridge.

He hit himself at least one car, breaking off their rear view mirror, luckily not killing himself in the process.

And then, they say he seemed to try to take off!

He soon realized he couldn’t get by the bridge.

Not bad enough, he came back to bully the driver whose car he hit, a woman by herself. He said that she and the other driver squeezed together and didn’t let him through between their 2 lanes.

You know, his god-given right!

Another driver there stood up for that woman, they reminded him who hit who and made the guy give his victim his information etc.

I say Thank you for speaking up!

How you like that one?

Another Point Lookout Local “Lost”


For the second time in about as many weeks, one of Point Lookout’s own has vanished.

Similar circumstances surround the capers, first on the 100’s block of Hewlett, now on Garden City as well.

Sources say this latest is a female, Electra, with a light blue coat like in the picture below.


The perpetrator’s M. O. Seems eerily alike in both instances: Walk up, take.

Problems started last summer where some had to be chained or locked up at the beach for the first time. It seems some people think it’s quite okay to “borrow”.

One can only guess there’s probably other actions on part of the perpetrator like drink, laze, disregard and violate involved as well.

With the warm weather season here, residents are justifiably concerned with what may happen when everyone starts to take theirs out for the summer months.


The Civic Association had advised everyone to please take proper precautions, so as no more would be lost, and we reiterate that here.


To keep privacy of victims, we won’t publish that phone number, so
if you know blue Electra’s whereabouts, please let us know.

Rumor: supermarket (re) opening soon? and Key Food open In Long Beach

the town supermarket, known as "Merola's" for 80 years.

the town supermarket, previously known as “Merola’s” for 80 years.

So, for like the 5th time in about as many months, I’m hearing that the IGA Supermarket in Point Lookout is about to commence reopening under new management????

I often do the food shopping for our household.  Years ago I swore off the big supermarkets.  I had been a regular at Associated in Long Beach.  Since Sandy, where they lost all their refrigeration equipment etc.,  Ive been shopping at W’s (name witheheld ’cause i’m about to rant!) in Merrick (and have seen a number of you there!)

It may just be me,  but I must counter what people often say, that the big supermarkets are cheaper.  Baloney!  My average bill at W’s has been about 20%-40% more as i find a number of other problems. Any real food(ie-fresh) is literally like $1-2 more per Lb, from meat to fruit and vegetables. swipe that special card and wow, i saved 10 dollars(really? cause i’ve never spent $200, but somehow i just did).

Although the place is 10 times the size of the smaller places, the selection stinks.  this is especially so if youre trying to find “healthier” food.  if you want a tablespooon of salt with every bite, msg, or enough preservatives to get high on,  then by all means there’s plenty to choose from.

ie.-there’s 6000 jars each of the “yucky” salsa brands, (top ingredient “starch thickener”) and ZERO of the good ones. and my (shopping) list goes on and on..

think of an item you want… now find it. canned vegetables, oh yeah, could be with canned foods, could be in the baking isle. crackers- could be in “snacks”, “chips” or cookie aisles.

Luckily, last week the former Associated Marketplace in Long Beach reopened as Key Food.  Glad to have them back!

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

I find their selection is just as good, if not better. Welcome back, I hope their workers made it through this time OK.

Anyway,  it’s probably just a rumor about the IGA opening in Point Lookout again.   what have YOU heard? 


obviously if the same exact thing goes in….(maybe not obviously).

what does this town need that we don’t have??

what should this space be?