CAMP CURIOSITY, in collaboration with the Point Lookout Historical Society, invite young and old to participate in the Point Lookout Mapping Project.

Maps are the places memories go to live forever. Beloved spaces, secret places, imagination, time keeping. Maps tell an honest story of itself- first loves, last goodbyes, comical moments, childhood favorites, unexpected delights. Maps are passports in to a community and its’ world- intimate narratives, favorite restaurants, autobiographies of our unique and beautiful town. Maps and memories are bound together.

Documents here courtesy Point Lookout Civic Association.

To participate, take a blank map. Map your favorite Point Lookout memory. Write or illustrate as much or as little as you choose. Purely personal. Include your name or remain anonymous. Return your map to Camp Curiosity – Karen Brown, 120 Garden City Ave, the PLO Historical Society at 23 Bellmore Ave or any participating local business. The collective map project will be displayed at the Annual PLO Art Show in August and bound in to a book for future generations to ponder and enjoy.
* “You Are Here”, is an adaptation of “Mapping Manhattan”, by Becky Cooper, NYC 2009, featured in the NY Times.

Leashed Common Denominator


A reader asks:
“Just wondering if you have any idea who i should call about a very aggressive dog that has charged me 3x over the past month?

It has tags but freely roams the street. Just worried it is going to hurt a child or an elderly person.. ”