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6 thoughts on “have your say! or to Contact Us

    • yes, but many stayed. we left and got back tuesday evening. everything on the bay took it harsh! the bay ran thru the streets up about 12-16 inches high at Lido Blvd and Hewlett. it’s pretty messed up. very bad cell-cant get or make calls-dont get messages til youi go out of town, no power, no gas north of Lido blvd
      update story coming shortly with pics

  1. Thank You SO much for info about Pt.Lookout ! Currently live in Nevada , and have been frantic about what damage *Sandy* had wrought on the Point !
    Our family home *was* at 72 Freeport Ave. ( demolished by a gas explosion in 1999)My Grandfather was Joe Scully ,founder of the Civic Assn. , and the Lido-Point lookout Fire Dept.
    I may be thousands of miles away , but my Heart will always live in Point Lookout~~
    Thank GOD for no loss of Life !
    And compared to the horrific damage I’ve been seeing all up& down the coast , GOD was Good to our beach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My daughter sent me this blog address so this is the 1st time I’ve seen it but plan to follow it. I used to live on Inwood from the late 30’s till my parents sold in the 80’s. Could George be George Macdonald (sp?) ?. In any case hello and I like your blog.

  3. Lol, I like what you said about if I don’t like your policy, get my own Blog. I did! I do have my own blog! But, that’s not why I’m leaving the comment. I’m a writer (sometimes in my own mind:) and am participating in NaNoWriMo, a yearly event where I, along with hundreds of thousands of people world-wide write 50,000 words of a novel. Why? Well, for me, I guess the answer is discipline. Can I do it? I’m on target and in my story I’m writing a bit about the garbage on beaches and how sad that all is. The funny thing is, I’m from Long Island, but currently living in da Bahamas, mon. We have way too much trash on the beaches here and it’s not nice at all. Cause I’m curious, I goggled something like ‘trash on the beach,’ and lo and behold – there you are in Lido Beach. Small world. I saw the damage done there from the hurricane and n’or easter; the watermarks on some second stories of houses; the destroyed boardwalk and then the new one in progress. The tractors on the beach looked like aliens. It was all pretty bad. Some of those towns there were/are ghost towns now. Anyway, keep blogging about your town and keep my beaches there clean!!

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