Residents Rally for a New Hospital


With the last hints of summer in the air on a sunny Sunday in the City of Long Beach, over 400 rallied at Kennedy Plaza to demand officials bring  a hospital back to Long Beach.

On Sunday October 26, 2014, Beach to Bay Central Council of Civic Associations brought together over a dozen local leaders who advocated for a new hospital.

Long Beach Medical Center was lost to Sandy. Since, a inexplicable bureaucratic nightmare has ensued, and ensured that Long Beach still remains without a hospital.

Dennis Ryan, Ph.D., current Long Beach School Board Trustee, pictured above, spoke of stewardship of the community. He said “It is important to pass on the community that we’ve received to the next generation”.

Rabbi Bennett Hermann, Temple Emanu-El said
“I’m amazed why we need these (“Long Beach Needs A Hospital”) signs. It was a bureaucratic and political” decision to close it.

Even though it is 2 years later and $170 million is in play for its return, that money was given with seemingly no real assurances of what will be rebuilt.

Beach to Bay’s Barbara Bernardino said “Millions of Sandy and FEMA dollars have been used. What do we have to show for all that?”

Concerns are running high that there is no requirement of South Nassau Communities Hospital to spend any of the money in Long Beach if they so choose. This seems to be true.

Eileen Libutti said “SNCH must use the allocated FEMA funds in Long Beach to open a hospital.”

Long Beach City Councilwoman Fran Adelson said “we need that money to be spent in Long Beach. If the bridge goes up, we all know how devastating that could be”

Councilwoman Eileen Goggin said “Now the sale is complete, SNCH must provide Long Beach with a full service hospital… And spend any and all funds here in Long Beach and nowhere else.”

Lido and Point Lookout Fire Commissioner Chas Thompson highlighted the dangers posed for residents when his ambulance travels the extra time all the way to Northern Oceanside. That round trip for their department has become nearly 2 hours of unavailability if a second call comes in.
“We need the burden off our first responders to get the proper care we need”

“These first responders have to have the tools to be successful” said Mark Tannenbaum Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. “Our elected officials must work with our city council to bring that hospital back”

Over 400 gathered at Kennedy Plaza

Over 400 gathered at Kennedy Plaza

Real Estate Agent Joe Sinnona spoke of the rumored plan for new luxury rentals and why that is not necessarily good for real estate: “Rentals and condos have people in them…who need hospitals. Governor Cuomo -open our hospital.”

Deborah Bernardino Arden
“It could be any one of us. Ambulances do not fly. What happens when the bridge is up?”

Barbara Bernardino summed up the sentiment of many residents: “if South Nassau cannot open a hospital here, return the money and move on.
It is only fair. The state has been a big part of the problem it’s time for them to be part of the solution”.

Kerry DiStefano of the PTA sums it up best: “We call on our elected officials to push through the red tape”.


Hospital Rally Today


Today, 10/26/14 at 2pm,

Residents are urged to join neighbors at Long Beach City Hall / Kennedy Plaza, wear red, bring signs and make sure the $170 million in FEMA funds is used to give our community back a full service hospital with 24/7 emergency room.


See you there!

Hospital Demonstration Today 9/9/14

Info courtesy Sea By The City in Long Beach

Todd Kaminsky invites you to join him in publicly demanding action to bring Long Beach and surrounding communities a: 24/7 911 Receiving, Off-Campus Emergency Department

Date: Tuesday, September 9
Time: 11:00 AM
Where: Long Beach Hospital Site

Long Beach Hospital site
Wear your red shirt!!!!
Bring your sign
Alert your contacts

Kaminsky, candidate for the 20th Assembly District, will be holding a press conference to discuss the urgent need for emergency services on the barrier island.

Long Beach City Council Letter to SNCH

copy of the letter Long Beach City council sent today to South Nassau Communities Hospital.

copy of the letter Long Beach City council sent today to South Nassau Communities Hospital.


see our post from earlier today: Beach To Bay: Long Beach City Council Must Act

In response to the campaign  from Beach to Bay Central Council of Civic Associations to please get the Long Beach City Council to pass a resolution Tuesday June 3, 2014, that demands a full service hospital return to Long Beach, the city today sent, published and posted a letter to the CEO of South Nassau Communities Hospital.

The letter asks the hospital to discuss their plans for Long Beach Medical Center. This is the link to it on the City website 

It also states they would like the $138 million, that the hospital seemingly got with no strings attached for Long Beach Medical Center,  to actually be spent there and not at their other facilities(can you freakin believe that !!)


Text of the letter:

June 2, 2014
Mr. Richard Murphy, CEO
South Nassau Communities Hospital
One Healthy Way
Oceanside, New York 11572
Dear Mr. Murphy:
Please be advised that the City Council, along with the City Manager, is hereby requesting a
meeting with you and the Board of Directors of South Nassau Communities Hospital to discuss
the next chapter in the re-opening of the Long Beach Medical Center.
The summer season is upon us, bringing tens of thousands of visitors to our community. The
need and desire for a functioning hospital with a 24 hour 911 Receiving Emergency Department
in the City of Long Beach is critical. Therefore, we are anxious to meet and to hear what plans
and progress has been made since your acquisition of the facility.
Further, we believe that it is imperative that all of the 138 million dollars provided through
FEMA goes directly into the rehabilitation of the future facility.
Please contact the Office of the City Manager as soon as possible in order to schedule a meeting.
We look forward to working with you in order to provide for the public safety, health and
welfare of the people of our community and the entire barrier island.
Very Truly Yours,
City of Long Beach City Council



Thank you to Anthony Eramo, who responded to our tweet today:

Sorry my impatience with this is showing.



The fight is still on to have the City Council pass a resolution.

Beach to Bay are asking everyone to attend the City Council Meeting and wear red Tuesday June 3,2014 to show support for a full service, 24/7 hospital with full emergency room.

Beach To Bay: Long Beach City Council Must Act


Beach to Bay Central Council of Civic Associations is asking Long Beach residents to please get the Long Beach City Council to pass a resolution at the City Council meeting Tuesday June 3, 2014, that demands a full service hospital return to Long Beach.

Can you believe the city council still hasn’t, as a body,  legally done this, even a stupid resolution passed???

This is the same City Council who were so offended and upset that a resident had said they had seemed not to act on this issue, back at the March Beach to Bay sponsored Hospital meeting. They were so upset that they forced retractions of that statement.

Then we got this wonderful update :

LB Herald: FEMA to release funds to South Nassau

that says even tough the whole $100 million asked for,  plus $42 million more, $142 million total going to South Nassau, STILL doesn’t guarantee us ANYTHING, even an emergency room that was already rebuilt and ready to reopen a year ago.

My rant in response to what is going on has been withheld for a different post. Please contact Long Beach City Council on behalf of Beach to Bay and call 431-1000 x 7200 to reach the members of the City Council.

Scott J. Mandel (City Council President)
Fran Adelson (City Council Vice President)
Athony Eramo (City Council Member)
Eileen J. Goggin (City Council Member)
Len Torres (City Council Member)

you can contact Beach to Bay by clicking here

We Need a Hospital, Barrier Island Residents Declare

we need a full service hospital, not a "Triage only" glorified doctors office.

we need a full service hospital, not a “Triage only” glorified doctors office.


Please note : The original story published has been changed to reflect a discrepancy in the quote from Jill Backlin, President of North East Bay and Canal Civics, to say that in relation to elected State officials she is  “appalled by the lack of advocacy on behalf of our city.”  Not “from our City”.



On Monday, March 24, 2014 well over 300 residents attended the forum on the fate of Long Beach hospital.

Lindell Blvd School auditorium rang with the words of speakers who called on the community, politicians and agencies to come together to bring the hospital back to Long Beach.

Currently there are plans on the table to subsidize bringing in a company, with a minimum of $6 million and up to $100 million possibly available or more.

Meanwhile it was revealed the property is on the market for a developer to purchase and possibly demolish and eliminate the hospital.

Long Beach real estate speaker Tom Tripodi confirmed it is on the market to developers, which he hopes doesn’t happen.

A “Huge blow to the Economy”

Barbara DuBow Bernardino, of Beach to Bay Central Council spoke. She said it is estimated that nearly 4500 direct and indirect jobs from the hospital are gone, the area now short of that financial economy.

Kerry Gustavson of Westholme Civic Association said “This was a tremendous blow to our economy. LBMC was a major employer in this town.” She explained the four nursing homes in town employ up to 250 people each. Without a local hospital, they have no one to work with.
“What happens when 4 nursing homes can no longer pay their bills?
We need to support a brand new, well run, community hospital for our businesses and the people.”

It was also explained that without a hospital, doctors offices in Long Beach are closing because the doctors don’t have a hospital to work out of.

The ripple effect of this is that those offices go empty, the employees – many of whom live, own, rent, shop and eat in the area are let go, and all money that they spent is gone from our economy.

First Responders Alarmed

Chas Thompson, Fire Commissioner from Lido Point Lookout Fire District spoke about how a five minute trip and half hour return from the hospital has now become 20 to 40 minutes to the hospital and two to three-hour return. When a second call comes in during that time, it has to be handled from a different company further delaying response.

“Point Lookout responded to 108 calls in Long Beach.” He explained that if Long Beach is unavailable, and you have to call Point Lookout it takes 5-8 minutes for members to get to the firehouse and get dressed, plus 5-8 minutes to Long Beach, “it can be close to an hour before reaching the hospital now” in those circumstances.

Island Park Fire Chief Ed Madden explained what it has been like. “Long Beach called today in mutual aid”. He explained that at the same time they had a gas emergency, and then an auto accident came in that an ambulance “eventually got to”. He also explained the pressures this is all putting on the members saying many “work in the private sector. Companies are very unforgiving when you’re 3 hours late” these days, because you responded to a call. Previously you may not have been late at all.

Jill Backlin, President of North East Bay and Canal Civics spoke about elected State officials:  “I am appalled by the lack of advocacy on behalf of our city and lack of support for the safety of our residents.”

Jackie Odom from Concerned Neighbors of North Park said “New York State Department of Health, without notice, shut down LB hospital. We need a free standing emergency room and full scale hospital.”

State the problem

Cliff Skudin said this “clearly comes from the state level.  Hopefully we can gain the momentum to get this done”.

Phyllis Libutti Co-Coordinator of Beach To Bay Central Council, said of the person who closed LBMC: “Dr. Shah from the NY State Health Department serves at the pleasure of the governor. The financial difficulties cited as the reason for closing the hospital requires a new administration, not closure of the hospital.

The real reason you are depriving our community of this asset is unclear,” she said.

(Editors note -I think this is the crux of the situation right there!)

“What you do from here will determine whether we have a hospital”, said Gerry Myerson of Lido Dunes Civic Association.
“There was a hospital before and there has to be a hospital again.”


What you can do:

Sign the petition by clicking here

Call Governor Cuomo (518)474-8390
Call Senator Skelos (518)455-3171
Call Assemblyman Weisenberg (518)455-3028
Get the name of who you spoke to so the call is logged properly!

Alert your friends and family to do so by sharing this information.

The Mailing from Senator Skelos asking what you think.  PLEASE- let him know

The Mailing from Senator Skelos asking what you think. PLEASE- let him know we need a full hospital.

Fill out and sign Sen. Dean Skelos’ questionnaire that was mailed to every household/voter in the district. Make sure you put on there that we want a full service hospital in addition to the walk-in emergency doctors office he has secured $21.6 million for. If you do not have it, print the picture of it here out, fill it out and mail it to this address:
Senator Dean Skelos
55 Front St
Rockville Centre NY. 11570