Arrests made in string of Robberies

As posted from Point Lookout Civic Association this week, there have been break ins in town, most notably twice at the gas station.

If you saw today the crime scene there, during a 3rd attempted robbery 3 suspects were arrested last night at the gas station. More info to follow.
Thanks for the info Robin!


Point Lookout Gas Station Returns


the Point Lookout gas station returned to service today. welcome back!

just a heads up- the gas station in Point Lookout finally reopened today after their complete refurbishing.

glad to say, no more strategically planned  or 15 mile round trip gas shopping jaunts.

welcome back.

still 3.99 btw.. i paid 4.19 on the way home today before I found out. 

Gas Station Coming Soon… Again!

Point Lookout Gas Station under new construction.  we'll be glad to have em back!

Point Lookout Gas Station under new construction. We’ll be glad to have them back!

When I drove back into town tonight I couldnt help but share the newly(mostly) installed gas pumps.  ah, the little conveniences in life.

So far Sandy set their time table back about 6 weeks. I wonder how long before they’re up n running again.(?)

That goes for our own and Long Beach Merchants, too.