Murray Declares State of Emergency 1/26/15

From Town of Hempstead:


Town Crews Respond to Storm;
Programs to be Cancelled Today through Wednesday

Hempstead Town’s snow salting and plowing crews are responding as this year’s first major snowstorm bears down on our area. A forecasted major winter blizzard has prompted Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray to announce a state of emergency. The town will be cancelling all Parks Department programs and registration starting today, Monday, January 26th at 1 p.m. through and including Wednesday, January 28th.The Department of Senior Enrichment is also cancelling programs as of 1 p.m. today through and including Wednesday, January 28th. Additionally, the Town Board meeting, an India Republic Day Ceremony (at Town Hall) and a Taxpayer Forum (at the Baldwin Public Library) slated for tomorrow, have been cancelled.

“Our town’s salt spreader and plow crews are on the job, doing everything within their power to keep our residents safe,” announced Murray. “What’s more, I’ve declared a state of emergency, requesting that all cars be removed from roadways, and I would urge all motorists to stock up on food and medical supplies now. Once the snow begins, the town will ask drivers to limit road travel to essential trips.”

Again, the town is requesting that homeowners remove cars from roadways so that town snow removal crews can effectively and efficiently salt and plow streets. Finally, Supervisor Murray cautioned residents to limit exposure to the elements as temperatures drop. Frigid temperatures and high winds are forecasted to accompany the storm. Murray also advised motorists that high winds may create “white out” conditions, which can severely limit visibility.

“Hempstead Town will be working to keep neighbors safe and roads clear as this winter storm hits our area,” said Murray. “We ask residents to help us by removing cars from roadways and by limiting car travel during peak snowfall periods.”


Schumer and Murray Kick-Off Point Lookout Beach Season


Hempstead Town Beaches are Back! Schumer and Murray Kick-Off Beach Season, Invite Beachgoers to Visit Restored Shoreline

From the Town of Hempstead:

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray proudly toured Point Lookout beaches that have been restored from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. The second summer since the Superstorm witnessed Schumer and Murray welcoming neighbors back to the ocean for the start of the beach season. Partnering on shorefront restoration, the Senator successfully recruited the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the Jones Inlet and place the sand siphoned from the clogged waterway onto the local beachfront. Murray oversaw a town beach restoration program that included distributing Army Corps sand that was placed on the Point Lookout shorefront to other sand-starved locations, the rebuilding of sand dunes and the planting of beach grass to preserve fragile dunes that protect area homes and businesses. The town also performed extensive sand dune restoration and beach replenishment in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

“Senator Schumer has been one of the best friends that beachgoers and those who live by the water could have,” stated Murray. “The Senator’s strong and persuasive voice ensured that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredged the sand-clogged Jones Inlet and deposited desperately needed sand onto the storm-wracked Point Lookout coast. Thank you Senator Schumer.”

During this past winter, Schumer succeeded in having the Army Corps remove 680,000 cubic yards of sand from the Jones Inlet, simultaneously pumping that sand onto Point Lookout beaches. There were two primary benefits of the project. First, the sand-clogged inlet is now clear, removing a serious hazard to navigation for boaters. Second, the sand that was removed from the navigational channel was deposited on Point Lookout beaches, adding coastline for beachgoers and increasing the protective sand barrier between local homes and the Atlantic Ocean.

“I could not ask for a better partner in the critical and ongoing restoration of the beaches in the Town of Hempstead than Supervisor Kate Murray,” said U.S. Senator Schumer. “Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on Jones Inlet, Point Lookout, Lido and East Atlantic Beach, and after working with the Army Corps to dredge, replenish the sand and restore dunes at these beaches, it’s great to welcome local beachgoers and tourists back this season.”

While the Senator delivered the valuable $10 million Army Corps project to the barrier island in Hempstead Town, Supervisor Murray directed the township’s Conservation and Waterways Department to “dovetail” its operations with the federal project. In direct coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project that took place between February and March of 2014, town crews moved 50,000 cubic yards of sand west from the point where it was deposited by the Army Corps dredging operation, restoring eroded beaches and dunes. Dune restoration and beach replenishment was concentrated along Civic Beach, Middle Beach and Town Park Point Lookout, as well as other locations to the west of Point Lookout. Sand was replaced at the undermined lifeguard offices at Point Lookout, cabana areas at the same beach and along the protective dune structure.

Complementing the placement of sand and the restoration of sand dunes, Hempstead Town procured 250,000 beach grass plants (ammophila breviligulata) which were planted on dunes in Civic Beach, Lido ANCHOR Beach and East Atlantic Beach. The beach grass has a dense root structure which stabilizes sand dunes and literally prevents the sand from blowing away. The plants also fortify the dunes to protect them from washing away during storms. Town officials are poised to continue planting beach grass during upcoming fall planting season with the assistance of local community groups.

“It is a pleasure to partner with Senator Schumer to restore our coastline for beachgoers,” stated Murray. “What’s more, collaborating to restore sand dunes along the coast will make sure homeowners and businesses have a greater degree of protection from tidal storm surges.”

Schumer and Murray observed that the beachfront distance from dune to waterline has doubled in many areas as a result of their joint work along the barrier island. Additionally, the officials reaffirmed their mutual commitment to the Long Beach Island Project, an almost $180 million initiative, that is anticipated to commence in March of 2015. The effort includes restoration of existing stone groins (jetties), construction of new groins, replenishment of sand along coastal beaches and other engineered work to protect coastal communities during major storms.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this banner day for The Town of Hempstead,” said U.S. Senator Schumer.

“We’re here today to tell everyone that the beaches are back and better than ever,” concluded Murray. “Grab the sunscreen, put on your bathing suit and visit one of Hempstead Town’s beautiful beaches now.”

Fire Commissioner Weitz and Others Awarded Firematic Medal


Congratulations to Commissioner Steven Weitz and all the other Town of Hempstead Honorees awarded the Firematic Medal!
Special mention to the Island Park FD for actions during Superstorm Sandy!

From the Town of Hempstead:

Heroes of Sandy and Life-Saving Rescues Among Honorees at Hempstead Town’s 2013 Firematic Award Ceremony

With the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaching, heartbreaking memories of devastation, tragedy and frustration are returning to the hearts and minds of those who experienced the wrath of the Superstorm. Amidst the destruction were tales of courage, chivalry and heroism, including the perseverance of a group of Island Park firefighters who fought through several feet of floodwaters and high wind gusts to rescue their neighbors from a fast-moving fire.

These brave men and women from the Island Park Fire Department were among 33 first responders honored by Supervisor Kate Murray and the Town Board during Hempstead Town’s annual Firematic Service Awards held at Town Hall. The 33 honorees represented 15 fire departments across America’s largest township.

Recipients were honored for various deeds, including life-saving rescues and acts of valor within the communities they serve.

“Heroes rise to the occasion, especially in times of adversity,” Murray said. “Tonight, we celebrated stories of heroism and benevolence, and expressed gratitude to the fine citizens that protect their neighbors each and every day.”

Other honorees include a chief of the East Meadow Fire Department who performed lifesaving CPR on a neighbor’s 10-month-old infant, and a member of the Point Lookout/Lido Fire Department whose quick actions saved a fellow firefighter.

The following 33 individuals were awarded the Town’s Firematic Medal for their distinguished service as members of the volunteer fire service community:

East Meadow Fire Department

Chief Walter P. Griffin, Jr.

East Rockaway Fire Department

Ex-Captain Patty Seifert

Floral Park Fire Department
Ex-Captain William Bedell, Jr.

Franklin Square and Munson Fire Dept.

Firefighter/EMT Justin Pons

Freeport Fire Department
Ex-Chief Julius Ellison

Island Park Fire Department

Former Captain Jason Cruz
1st Assistant Chief Anthony D’Esposito

Former Captain Chris Downs

Firefighter Joseph Garone

Firefighter Ryan Gaynor

Firefighter Sean Gaynor

Firefighter Thomas Gaynor

Firefighter Matt Graci

Captain James Miotto

Firefighter Karlton Nurnberger

Former Chief Ronald Nurnberger

Firefighter Michael Ostrander

Probationary Firefighter Marc Penetto

Firefighter Louis Quilca

Lieutenant Margaret Rodriguez

Captain James Sarro

Captain Kathryn Silliman

Firefighter Carlos Zapelli Jr.

Lakeview Fire Department

Ex-Chief Heather Senti

Levittown Fire Department

Captain Frank Cacioli

Firefighter Joseph DeSimone

Firefighter Nicholas Mouzakes

Lynbrook Fire Department

Honorary Chief William Myers

Mineola Fire Department

Ex-Chief and Warden Louis Santosus Jr.

Point Lookout/Lido Fire Department
Ex-Captain Steven Weitz

Rockville Centre Fire Department

Honorary Chief Thomas E. Cook

Seaford Fire Department

Ex-Chief Fred Roth

Westbury Fire Department

Ex-Chief Patrick Cody

Woodmere Fire Department

2nd Assistant Chief Benjamin J. Nelson

Maliblue’s 2013 Seaside Sand-Sculpting Competition Winners

Frank Russo and Joe Slaboda continue the final touches on their First Place creation, after it won.

Frank Russo and Joe Slaboda continue the final touches on their First Place creation, after it won.

On Saturday August 31, 2013, Maliblue Oyster Bar, At Hempstead Town’s Malibu Beach, held their first annual Seaside Sand-Sculpting Spectacular Competition.
Prizes were sponsored by Maliblue and announced by Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray.

Frank Russo and Joe Slaboda were announced the 1st place winners. They received a $500 check for their spired castle and continued sculpting their masterpiece anyway.

Is an artists work truly ever done?

Other prizes included gift cards to Maliblue in pretty good denominations!

Second prize went to Dylan Riley for the castle and fish design.

Dylan Riley's Sand Castle/sculpture won 2nd place in the 13 and over category

Dylan Riley’s Sand Castle/sculpture won 2nd place in the 13 and over category

3rd place Mike and Mary Deery for their sea turtles design.

Mike and Mary Deery with their trophy for their sea turtles sculture.

Mike and Mary Deery and their trophy for their sea turtles sculture.


In the 12 and under category, top prize went to William and Christian Vallone.

William and Christian Vallone and their Sand Castle which took First Place in the 12 and under category.

William and Christian Vallone and their Sand Castle which took First Place in the 12 and under category.

Genevieve Riley marched up and beamed with pride to receive her prize for her sand octopus.

Audrey and Genevieve Riley share the winners spotlight together.

Audrey and Genevieve Riley share the winners spotlight together.

The Sculptures and castles will be on display at the beachfront At Town Of Hempstead’s Malibu Beach for the remainder of the Labor Day weekend


Christian and William Vallone and Family talk with the media

Christian and William Vallone and Family talk with the media on their winning sand creation

Supervisor Kate Murray closed saying “We’ll see you back here next year for the second annual contest!”

First Place Award at Maliblue's first annual Seaside Sand-Sculp​ting Spectacula​r Competitio​n.

First Place Award at Maliblue’s first annual Seaside Sand-Sculp​ting Spectacula​r Competitio​n.

Great show from all the contestants!

I can see the competition brewing for next year, already!

Supervisors Cup At Lido Golf Course


The Town of Hempstead announces the 2013 Supervisor’s Cup Golf Classic at Lido Golf Course:

Sign up – Limited slots will be chosen by lottery! For ToH residents only. Lots of goodies for only a $15 entry fee.

Town’s Golf Classic “Tees-Off!”
Registration for the 6th Annual Supervisor’s Cup Golf Classic has teed off with 140 entries to be determined by lottery drawing. The Golf Classic is set for Wednesday, October 2 at the famed Lido Golf Course, one of Long Island’s legendary links. Supervisor Kate Murray invites town residents 18 years of age and older to register for a day of great golf and great fun!

“The Supervisor’s Cup is freshly polished and ready for presentation to this year’s winning foursome,” commented Supervisor Murray. “An unbeatable day of competition and comradery awaits the lucky field of golfers chosen by lottery for this year’s tournament.”

For an entry fee of $15, golfers (selected by lottery) will enjoy 18 holes of tournament golf, a bucket of balls for the driving range, continental breakfast, afternoon barbeque, motorized golf cart, on-course refreshments, goody bag, awards and photographs. Tournament contests include a “Four Player Scramble,” “Men’s & Women’s Closest to the Pin,” “Men’s & Women’s Most Accurate Drive” and “Men’s & Women’s Longest Drive.”

Tee-off time on October 2 is 10 a.m. and the rain date is set for Wednesday, October 16. Completed applications must be returned in person, postmarked or faxed before midnight, Friday, September 6. Applications can be obtained at the Town of Hempstead Parks Department, 200 North Franklin Street, Hempstead, New York 11550. Applications will also be available online at TOH.LI. The Lido and Merrick Road Park Golf Courses will have applications on hand as well as will most Hempstead Town parks. Completed applications may be returned in person or by mail to the Parks Administration Building in Hempstead or by fax to (516) 292-6024.

There is only one application allowed per person and your name cannot appear on more than one entry application. Supervisor’s Cup participants will be chosen by lottery on Thursday, September 12 at 1 p.m. in the Clubhouse of the Merrick Road Park Golf Course. The public is cordially invited to attend the lottery drawing. Players whose names are drawn in the lottery will have five days to submit payment following their notification of entry. The lottery will select 140 golfers and 20 alternates. Selected names will be posted on the town web site at TOH.LI and winners will also be notified by phone and e-mail.

Golfers may register as a single, or in a twosome, threesome or foursome. Selected golfers will be required to make payments in the form of check or money order to the Town of Hempstead. On the day of the event, golfers will be asked to present photo identification at the morning’s check-in. Golfers who are selected as alternates are invited to attend the breakfast and enjoy the driving range practice as they await the possibility of being added to the field in the event one or more golfers do not attend.

If you have questions or desire clarification on any aspect of the Supervisor’s Cup Golf Classic, simply contact the Department of Parks and Recreation at (516) 292-9000, extension 245 or 266. Town of Hempstead employees, their spouses and children are not eligible to participate in this event. The tournament is open to Town of Hempstead residents only.

Hempstead Town “All In” on Plastic Recycling


The Town of Hempstead has announced that starting immediately recycling plastics is no longer a game of sorting.

No more numbers in the recycle triangle needed. No more figuring out if what you have can be recycled.

The town announced they will take all plastics including toys, straws, medicine bottles, playground equipment… Whatever you have.

Supervisor Kate Murray said “Every year a person goes through almost 100 pounds of plastic, Hempstead Town will now be collecting it all!”

Hempstead Town acts more environmentally-friendly, and will save big money on all recycled plastics.

It costs the town $68 a ton to dispose of these materials in the traditional fashion, while recycling these additional plastic items will only cost $10, saving the town $58 a ton, and saving on landfill space.

A win-win for town residents.
It’s all … in.. your recycle bin.

This is been a pet peeve of mine for years. For so many products, the number inside their recycle logo are a number 5 plastic (dairy-yogurt, cream cheese etc) and number 6 plastic(fruit, vegetables etc) and those previously were not recycled. I’m happy to see that we have finally reached the day and age where this can be taken care of.

Look I just washed my first number six and threw it in the bin.