Loop Parkway Motorcycle Lane?


Someone phoned in a story to me- Another crazy accident on the Loop Parkway

It seems this morning on the Loop Parkway as drivers came up to the drawbridge, the lights changed, yellow to red, drivers slowed their cars and stopped as the gates lowered down.

As traffic slowed, like thunder out of the blue, up throttled a motorcyclist either unaware of, or trying to race the red lights and the gate’s descent.

He decided he was going to drive in between the cars that were stopping (you know annoying him going slow and all) and keep going over the bridge.

He hit himself at least one car, breaking off their rear view mirror, luckily not killing himself in the process.

And then, they say he seemed to try to take off!

He soon realized he couldn’t get by the bridge.

Not bad enough, he came back to bully the driver whose car he hit, a woman by herself. He said that she and the other driver squeezed together and didn’t let him through between their 2 lanes.

You know, his god-given right!

Another driver there stood up for that woman, they reminded him who hit who and made the guy give his victim his information etc.

I say Thank you for speaking up!

How you like that one?


Loop Parkway Merge Extended?


I dont know if this is permanent, or part of the road work, I just saw it today.

This is been a topic, with no easy solution, at nearly every single Point Lookout Civic Association meeting for the last several years about the dangerousness of this traffic pattern installed a couple years ago.

It seems almost daily there is some kind of rear ended multivehicle accident at this merge. In the summer I have seen multiple times in one day.  All of a sudden, traffic basically stops when you come over the limited-sight-distance third bridge to accomodate the merge. Then… Boom.


Ideas floated at the civic association meetings about what the problem was with the situation.

Camp one said the problem was people who “cut in at the last minute”.  I see this every day.  Their solution: They said and we should put permanent cones in the road to force the merge earlier.

Some people pointed out someone is going to “cut in at the last minute”, wherever you put that first cone,  even if its all the way back in Long Beach. 

Then you had the other group of people who said that the problem was the left merge. People are not used to such a situation. Now slower drivers, who would normally be in the right lane, are in the left lane as far back as before the drawbridge to “avoid the merge” .  This forces anybody that wants to go faster into the right lane to go around them. I see this every day, too.

Others said we should go back to the original pattern. The accidents were horrific before, yet most were not due to the merge, but the ramp and speeds it was taken at.

I dont know if this is the Department of Transportation’s (DOT)  permanent solution, but this new traffic pattern gives a few hundred extra feet to allow you to Merge left beyond where you had to before.







Do you think this will solve the problem and what is the problem by the way?

I want to point out, the workers are officially out there until those signs come down, so please “give them a brake”!

Rant on Brants

Brant Geese... where the heck did they come form?

Brant Geese… where the heck did they come from?

Maybe it’s just me not noticing them in years past, but this year we seem to have a huge flock of what someone told me are Brant geese in the area.

Brant geese between on and off ramp traffic at the Loop Parkway entrance

Brant geese between on and off ramp traffic at the Loop Parkway entrance

They’re different from the Canadian geese I’m so used to seeing. They have a shorter, fatter neck. They’re stockier, yet smaller than the Canada version.

see wikipedia Brant Goose

Brant geese at the Loop Parkway entrance walked right in front of my car

Brant geese at the Loop Parkway entrance walked right in front of my car

The reason I’ve noticed them is I cannot believe the numbers of them getting hit by cars on Lido Blvd outside town, and on the Loop Pkwy. It’s more than just a few that I’ve seen these past few weeks, at least 10, probably more.

There were 2 more dead just on the Loop Parkway yesterday.  This is just a slaughter. 

Ive seen a large number grazing the plazas on Park Ave in the east end of Long Beach… where theres been some hit as well.

I was wondering if they’re displaced by or disoriented from Sandy somehow.

They do seem to have taken over the west side of the Loop Parkway from the drawbridge on, where the regular Canada geese used to be and especially at the Loop Parkway entrance.

They just seem oblivious to danger from cars and seem to congregate close to the road (though they flew off when I got out and tried to get these pictures). I couldn’t get close enough to get the pictures I wanted without being near or in traffic on Lido Blvd, which is exactly the problem!

Brant geese at Nickerson Beach

Brant geese at Nickerson Beach

Like the Canadian geese crossing the road in a line, I’ve seen them doing this solo and in small numbers.
Anyone know about them?
Are they displaced or have I just not noticed them before?

Maybe we can keep an eye out to avoid hitting them on the road if they’re just further Sandy victims, just passing through?

Mandatory Evacuation For Long Beach Barrier Island

Just received official word from Point Lookout Civic Association…

Point Lookout
Lido Beach
Long Beach
Atlantic Beach
are under evacuation.

Loop Parkway bridge closed BEACHBOUND at 4pm today.
another of the media’s freak out half-information reports saying the road would be closed (CBS RADIO).

pack it up!
grab your “Go Kit”
stay safe.