Aggie’s Market And Kitchen Opens

Meet Nick, New owner of Aggie's Market and Kitchen

Meet Nick, New owner of Aggie’s Market and Kitchen

Meet Nick Trabulsi.
Nick just opened Aggie’s Market And Kitchen (516) 431- 2144, An IGA Affiliated supermarket.

Named in honor of his mother, and open now, the official grand opening is next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 25-27, 2013 after its soft opening this week.

Located at the former Merola’s IGA location on Lido Blvd in Point Lookout, they’ve done a nice makeover Continue reading


Rumor: supermarket (re) opening soon? and Key Food open In Long Beach

the town supermarket, known as "Merola's" for 80 years.

the town supermarket, previously known as “Merola’s” for 80 years.

So, for like the 5th time in about as many months, I’m hearing that the IGA Supermarket in Point Lookout is about to commence reopening under new management????

I often do the food shopping for our household.  Years ago I swore off the big supermarkets.  I had been a regular at Associated in Long Beach.  Since Sandy, where they lost all their refrigeration equipment etc.,  Ive been shopping at W’s (name witheheld ’cause i’m about to rant!) in Merrick (and have seen a number of you there!)

It may just be me,  but I must counter what people often say, that the big supermarkets are cheaper.  Baloney!  My average bill at W’s has been about 20%-40% more as i find a number of other problems. Any real food(ie-fresh) is literally like $1-2 more per Lb, from meat to fruit and vegetables. swipe that special card and wow, i saved 10 dollars(really? cause i’ve never spent $200, but somehow i just did).

Although the place is 10 times the size of the smaller places, the selection stinks.  this is especially so if youre trying to find “healthier” food.  if you want a tablespooon of salt with every bite, msg, or enough preservatives to get high on,  then by all means there’s plenty to choose from.

ie.-there’s 6000 jars each of the “yucky” salsa brands, (top ingredient “starch thickener”) and ZERO of the good ones. and my (shopping) list goes on and on..

think of an item you want… now find it. canned vegetables, oh yeah, could be with canned foods, could be in the baking isle. crackers- could be in “snacks”, “chips” or cookie aisles.

Luckily, last week the former Associated Marketplace in Long Beach reopened as Key Food.  Glad to have them back!

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

Former Asssociated Marketplace in Long Beach, open again as Key Food

I find their selection is just as good, if not better. Welcome back, I hope their workers made it through this time OK.

Anyway,  it’s probably just a rumor about the IGA opening in Point Lookout again.   what have YOU heard? 


obviously if the same exact thing goes in….(maybe not obviously).

what does this town need that we don’t have??

what should this space be?