Get your Point Lookout Map Project entries in this week for the art show


We told you about the Point Lookout “You Are Here” map project in our previous post. 

Point Lookout: You Are Here- The Map Project

(Click that link for all the info)!

Though the project is ongoing, your entries are due this week if you would like to be included in their display at this weekend’s 2015 Point Lookout Art Show. 

Get those mapped memories in now!  




CAMP CURIOSITY, in collaboration with the Point Lookout Historical Society, invite young and old to participate in the Point Lookout Mapping Project.

Maps are the places memories go to live forever. Beloved spaces, secret places, imagination, time keeping. Maps tell an honest story of itself- first loves, last goodbyes, comical moments, childhood favorites, unexpected delights. Maps are passports in to a community and its’ world- intimate narratives, favorite restaurants, autobiographies of our unique and beautiful town. Maps and memories are bound together.

Documents here courtesy Point Lookout Civic Association.

To participate, take a blank map. Map your favorite Point Lookout memory. Write or illustrate as much or as little as you choose. Purely personal. Include your name or remain anonymous. Return your map to Camp Curiosity – Karen Brown, 120 Garden City Ave, the PLO Historical Society at 23 Bellmore Ave or any participating local business. The collective map project will be displayed at the Annual PLO Art Show in August and bound in to a book for future generations to ponder and enjoy.
* “You Are Here”, is an adaptation of “Mapping Manhattan”, by Becky Cooper, NYC 2009, featured in the NY Times.

October 2012 Civic Meeting

Community_Flag_of_Point_Lookout,_NYI know! You’ve gotta be pipelined (grapevined) in to know about these meetings sometimes, and when I got the email the day before, I was glad I could make it.

Candidates’ Night

Local politicians were invited to present their case for election for “Candidates Night”.  I’ll keep my commentary out of it, except as it pertains to local issues, virtually none of which were discussed.
For US Representative, we met Frank Scaturro and Fran Becker who are running against Carolyn McCarthy. This is new for us this year as our election district changed and Pete King no longer is in our district.
For NY Assemblyman were David Sussman and Harvey Weisenberg.
All presented their cases- virtually none talked local issues,  barring Harvey Weisenberg repeating, as previously reported here, the current drinking water issues in our district are his “number one priority”.

He said “the value of your house will be zero without drinking water”.

Rumor Mill

Gas station being cleaned up of any potential contamination, then getting new underground tanks.
NO Gas station for 5 more weeks (Thanksgiving time)!

Environmental Committee

Gerry Ottavino, who heads the Environmental Committee, spoke at length about the environmental issues facing our area and our town specifically. He said the only politicians helping are Harvey Weisenberg and Denise Ford (barely). He said it was “very disconcerting … with the exception of Denise Ford, no LI Republican has demonstrated ANY concern for our drinking water.”
Everyone in this town should know has worked tirelessly to highlight and solve local issues. These include-

  • Nassau dumping untreated wastewater into the bays
  • Nassau spilling untreated waste (which is also causing part of the excessive seaweed problem we are facing)
  • getting our dredging and revetment issues put forth and the pressure to get our representatives to act.

Gerry pointed out that the beach has lost sand to the point it looked like 5 years ago, at which time dredging was scheduled and was going to be done. Right now, no beach sand is to be added anytime soon. (Anyone know where get one of those floating chairs for next year?)

Establishment of Drinking Water Committee

In light of the recent drinking water issues, Gerry is also convening a separate Drinking Water Committee, for which members are needed. If you would like to be on this committee, please contact us and we will forward him your information.

Historical Society

Not for profit status being applied for. They are requesting any items of interest you may share.   You can check the current one out by clicking here–>

Point Lookout Historical Society

New “Communications Committee”

Patrick Algier and Arthur Boodhagian decided a more interactive and kept up-to-date website are in the works.

Special thanks to the residents who turned up and asked questions of the politicians as well as the Association leaders and Kelly Curtin who actually got them to show up.