Donna to The Rescue… Again

Story by Helen Stringer.


On Saturday June 22, 2013, Donna Walsh again came to the rescue of two girls.

This time the lifeguards were on duty but he stood behind Donna telling them to ride the wave in.

As the waves were pulling toward the jetty this was not the best advice.

He stood at the edge of the water holding a flotation device and wearing a sweatshirt, while Donna went in and pulled the girls to safety.

I know its breezy, but when I was a lifeguard years ago you could not have sweatshirts on because can’t rescue in them. (You) can’t lose eye contact or take second to pull one over your head.

Unbelievable that the guard stood there while Donna went in!

The water and currents may be very different this year; all must be on alert, but the guards on duty should be going in the water.

Thank God Donna is so vigilant.