Rescue Today @ Civic Beach!


Local hero Donna Walsh’s quick action helped save a group of young ladies from the clutches of a potentially deadly rip current.

With a 20+ mph inland sea breeze, wave action chopped the water today at Civic Beach, as a group of young ladies, guests from out of town, enjoyed a swim.

After a few close calls, the girls were finally pulled beyond their strength, their footing, and the safety of the shore by the rip current next to the jetty.


Mary Stack tells me Donna noticed the girls in trouble and called for help with no response. Donna searched her bag, found and sounded her whistle and called for help with it, as she entered the water herself to help.

Alerted to the situation, the Town lifeguards on second beach as well as another beach goer and Donna herself pulled the girls in.

So everyone is aware, there are no lifeguards on Civic Beach until the beach season officially opens later this month. They only perch on the chairs at second beach this early in the season.


After a good scare and cry, the girls were back to enjoying their day at the beach, a day that could have ended very differently for many.

Who knew,  of all the important things we all trudge down for a day at the beach, did you ever think you’d hear “don’t forget to bring your whistle”.