Sewage Press Conference at Bay Park Plant

Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, East Rockaway, NY.  Photo Courtesy NCDPW.

Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, East Rockaway, NY. Photo Courtesy NCDPW.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 a large turnout stood up at the Bay Park sewage treatment plant in East Rockaway to fight for Sandy funds to fix the ailing plant.

The plant has regularly spilled sewage into the bay and Reynold’s Channel and that has gotten completely out of control In the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Residents stood up and called on New York State and FEMA to free up the $1.3 Billion from the Sandy Recovery bill funds for this project.


The meeting was attended by many local politicians: County Executive Ed Mangano, State Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, County Legislator Denise Ford. There were representatives from numerous civic groups: Operation SPLASH, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Sludge Busters and Point Lookout Civic Association’s Gerry Ottavino was there amongst many others.

State Assemblyman Weisenberg said he would fight in Albany to see the funds released.

County Executive Mangano basically said that the South Shore, especially East Rockaway and Bay Park residents, are being abused by the sewage situation and it is not acceptable. We agree.

Maintenance that should be done every four or five years hasn’t been done in 22 years.

To get involved on this issue, check out Long Beach resident Scott Bochner’s Sludge Stoppers who can be contacted through their Facebook Group, Sludge Stoppers Task Force.

I sure hope Tuesday’s headline about County executive Mangano’s office now being subpoenaed for the Sandy money that they’ve already gotten, doesn’t stop this Sandy Money reaching where we need it here to fix the Bay Park treatment plant…

AG Subpoena’s Mangano’s Office In Sandy Probe

Point Lookout Civic Association Environmental Committee Chair Gerald Ottavino just had a letter to Newsday published about Nassau County DRINKING water problems.

Water War on Nassau’s Border.

When they say that the government will get you coming and going this is exactly what they mean! 😉