Event: Park Project Fundraiser @ Ted ‘s


Point Lookout Park Project will hold a fundraiser to help rebuild the Point Lookout children’s playground.

Join in this Saturday, 6/14/14 from 4-7pm at Ted’s Fishing Station

A worthy cause, a worthy investment in our community!


Photo of the Week 20130930 – The First Edition

"Blue Dock Poles" fantastic light!  taken 9/6/2013 on iPhone 5 at Ted's Fishing Station

“Blue Dock Poles” fantastic light! taken 9/6/2013 on iPhone 5 at Ted’s Fishing Station

I briefly  touched on the subject that I’m not posting all the photography I thought I would be.

To rectify that, starting here I begin a “photo of the week” which for now will happen every Monday.  Maybe a little something nice or interesting to help start your inbox off on the right foot for week.  This will be in addition to any other posts I publish.


I’m no pro, but I definitely know what I think looks good…to me anyway!   It really helps that we are blessed with such beautiful surroundings here in town, too!

I will be uploading much higher resolution photos for these (the ones on all the posts are optimized way down for the size of the post.)   You can click on the image to go to the hi-res form.

I envision the posts to be almost no text, other than a caption.  i guess we’ll figure it out together.

Starting a few weeks ago, I began posting some photos from around town on Instagram. That is a lot of fun!

Instagram is a social media smartphone app  that lets you post pictures (and even tweak them with effects) directly from your smartphone.  Others can like or comment on your post and follow you, as you can follow anyone whose pictures you like.

You can check that all out at my Instagram ID: makingmypointny.  A couple dozen pictures are up there.

Thanks to those of you who already found me there and are following!

Well here’s the first.  I hope you like them!

The True Tale of the Ted Treasure and the Pirates of Reynolds Channel


A large crowd gathered as pirates stormed from land and the shores at Ted’s Fishing Station in Point Lookout on Friday August 30, 2013.

“I heard gunshots so I had to come see what was going on” said one brave (?) local.

The local children were conscripted and pressed into crew when their parents were plied with rum and other assorted spirits, ales and pizzas.


Their mission: find the lost, buried Ted Treasure of the fabled Pirates of Reynolds Channel.

With quite the search, o’er land and sea, the provenance of a map led the group of merry mites, ahem mates, to the far shores at edges of the kingdom of Ted.


Discovery was but half the game. Once found, the entire crew had to work together to bring the treasure to the surface. With a heave – ho the chest of plenty was raised from the depths.


The lock was prised and the booty sprung forth to be shared by one and all, as laid down in the pirate’s code, so as nary a tear be shed.
(I didnt say none!)


And the celebration continued well into the evening.

That, lads and lasses, brethren and sister-en, sea farer and landlubber alike, is The True Tale of the Ted Treasure and the Pirates of Reynolds Channel.

Back In and On the Water at Ted’s Fishing Station

no shoes required.

no shoes required.
Ted’s Fishing Station, Point Lookout, NY

I was glad when I got word midweek last week that Teds Fishing Station was about to reopen.
Ted’s is an interesting place where people of all generations can share a summers day (or evening) and do different things, even together. While there, at any given time, you see people get in and out of boats, enjoy lunch, kids play in the sand, dogs share lunch dropped in the sand, people partake of a beer at the bar.. something for everyone.

Signs point to the grand reopening of Ted's Fishing Station. Point Lookout, NY on May 17,2013

Signs point to the grand reopening of Ted’s Fishing Station. Point Lookout, NY on May 17,2013

We all know how hard Superstorm Sandy really hurt everybody on the bay here in Point Lookout. Maybe no one more than Owner Ted Wondsel, his long face, and his destroyed dream, Ted’s Fishing Station in the background, in this iconic picture from right after the storm (click here for photo), amongst others picked up by CBS news and The Chicago Trubune.

Ted's Fishing Station is back in the Water, May 2013,  after Hurricane Sandy

Ted’s Fishing Station is back in the Water, May 2013, after Hurricane Sandy

Well they’re back and better than ever, but I found out, it might not have been so.

Sandy Strikes.

In the early days after the storm Sue Wondsel tells me, “We didn’t think we were going to open, at all: the devastation was that bad.”

“My nephew Sean came down from Toronto after the storm. He was heartbroken and my husband was really heartbroken, too.

This isnt our livelihood, this is Teds dream come true. He started at Scottys (Fishing Station a few doors down) as a dock boy when he was a kid”.

When Ed’s fishing station came available, adding big red “T”‘s to the front on “Ed’s” boats was a no brainer and Ted took the leap.


“this is his baby … So it was heartbreaking to see him go through this, not knowing if he was going to come back…. That was the worst.”

Pretty much everything – all the docks, all the boats, all the structures, all the motors; everything had been inundated and either washed away, destroyed or left behind in ruins.

“Who knew?” Sue asked, “My grandma and great grandma lived here and went through the 1938 storm and never in a million years did they ever experience anything like that. ”

“The sad thing is insurance doesn’t cover anything – really next to nothing. You can spend your whole day fighting with these people..”

The sun sets on the skiffs and kayaks at Ted's Fishing Station.

The sun sets on the skiffs and kayaks at Ted’s Fishing Station.

Determined to do what he could, “Sean went back to Toronto and figured out how to set up the fundraising website (indie go go). ”

Let’s Help Rebuild Ted’s

Needless to say, when he saw that, Ted was touched nearly to tears.

Word spread about the needs Ted’s and many others faced.

Help started to come in surprising ways. A Point Lookout resident picked up the freshly salt-water inundated motors in his own truck and dropped them in his pool to soak the salt water out, which saved a number of them.

Sue recalls the turning point: “then the outpouring from people in this town was incredible. Without that we couldn’t have done it. The people in this town stepped up. Everybody helped each other, even customers were showing up here asking us ‘so what can I do'”

“That’s when we knew that we would be able to come back.”

Next to her is retired teacher and resident bartender Karen, Sue says “she has been here almost every day helping us since”.

Hope floats… And I sure hope you didn’t own anything in it’s path!

The big red bar is a 12 x 12 piling from the 60s. For years it’s been a landmark there. The kids love sitting there – perfect kid height. Like everything else, even though incredibly heavy, it was lifted and floated away during Sandy’s storm surge.

Sue says over the winter “I went over to K&K Outboard (across from Texas Car Wash in Island Park) to buy parts and motors”. She casually talked to them about their big red bar, joking maybe they could find it on google earth.

The next day she received a call from them. They told her they “didn’t want to say anything while you were here, because our dock builder claimed it, but it’s here for you!

Ted's Red Bar sits at K&K marine in Island Park / Oceanside where Superstorm Sandy left it.

Ted’s Red Bar sits at K&K marine in Island Park / Oceanside where Superstorm Sandy left it. Photo by and courtesy of Sue Wondsel.

“He couldn’t believe they actually had it – it had to go through the bridges and over the marshes to get there. A friend of ours who’s a mover took their truck and brought it back for us”.

The Big Red Bar is back in its original location now.

The huge Piece of wood that floated away in Superstorm Sandy, was located in Island Park and returned to it's rightful place.

The huge Piece of wood that floated away in Superstorm Sandy, was located in Island Park and returned to it’s rightful place.

A woman from out of town even returned a Ted’s life jacket which was found at Jones Beach.

Everybody’s shells.

It’s become tradition at Teds Clam Bar for patrons to have their own shell, where their money resides at the bar. Some are just plain, some are ornate, some are huge, clam, oyster,whelk, … lobster claw; some are not even shells. All were numbered. All are gone.

Sue and Ted told everybody to start work on their own shells a few months ago. “We’ve started collecting shells ourselves. Karen says new shells are in the works.”

the newly refurbished docks invite you to take a sail...

the newly refurbished docks invite you to take a sail…

Since my visit there Karen did post on Ted’s Facebook page that some shells are in. .
My highly personalized shell is in the works. Too bad – the shell that went down from last year was really something special, thanks to my wife!


Thankfully, they have been able to spend the off season on a full fledged rebuild. Many generations of family members and friends came down to help clean up, reorganize and rebuild. The decks and docks are (most) all back on and in the water. The new bait shop looks like an inviting seaside curio shop, one that also sells lots of funky decorations for fish hooks. I hear the fish just flip for them (ba-dum-Bum-cha).

Bait, Tackle, and all good things....

Bait, Tackle, and all good things….

Al who works there and lives just a few doors away on the water, dealt with all the flooding, clean up and rebuilding at his house too, and has also lent a hand on the rebuild.

“I like the way it looks. It’s so much more open and inviting than it was before”. The layout he explains is easier for him to get goods in and out. I think he’s also saying it looks a little more “non-fisherman” friendly.

“Its a lot nicer than it was. I don’t even have tile in my home” Sue jokes.

Sue also points out to me that Teds prize shark adorns the wall now for the first time from their own house.

“I want to say to people from town, the love and support (they showed) us… was just incredible.” They’ve put a sign out front to say Thank you (im not posting it-just go see it!)

“If it wasnt financially for people helping out, and just coming down to help us…” She drifts off, but we all know what she means….

The boats are back in the water and Sue says the fishing has been good, as pictures up on the front door attest.

Photos already up of anglers retruning with their catch!

Photos already up of anglers retruning with their catch!

The clam bar is open once again, saw many of you there on opening night. Did I ever tell you I had the best shrimp cocktail of my life there last summer….?

The newly redone bar was open friday evening May 17, 2013 for their "Soft Opening".

The newly redone bar was open friday evening May 17, 2013 for their “Soft Opening”.

Welcome back, just in time for Memorial Day weekend… why not come on down, see the sign, the new place and say hi.

Click Here to find Ted’s Fishing Station on Facebook

Our Favorite Hangout Spots on the Bay

Point Lookout Clam Bar to reopen on April 15, 2013

Point Lookout Clam Bar to reopen on April 15, 2013

OK, I know its a little premature, but three of them announced events this week, so ..

Our favorite hangout spots down on the bay here in Point Lookout are in the process of rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy devasted them.  Reopen dates best I can find are:

Alice’s / Captain Joes Anchor Inn: not really sure of their status. Any info anyone??

Bouy Bar: Guiness and Corned Beef for ST Patricks Day

Bouy Bar: Guiness and Corned Beef for St Patrick’s Day

Buoy Bar say they’re having St Patrick’s day fare. Not sure if permanently open after.

Ted’s Fishing Station is well underway but haven’t heard a date yet.

Ted's Fishing Station being rebuilt after Sandy

Ted’s Fishing Station work is underway to rebuild since Sandy

Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant and Point Lookout Clam Bar. Official Reopen date April 15, 2013

Point Lookout Fisherman's Catch Restaurant

Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant to reopen on April 15, 2013

Had to mention Point Ale House. Been open on Lido Blvd. What would we have done without?

St Patricks Day with St Elvis at The Point Ale House.. (I guess that's all day????)

DAY BEFORE St Patricks Day with St Elvis at The Point Ale House

Ive wanted to ask for a long time, and it’s probably too late, but what’s your pet gripe or what could they do better in light of having to rebuild pretty much everything?

Of course these places were near-perfection before, so what is it that you would suggest these places do before they finish rebuilding to be “The ultimate destination in Point Lookout?

What is it you love about them?  tell us!