Loop Parkway Merge Extended?


I dont know if this is permanent, or part of the road work, I just saw it today.

This is been a topic, with no easy solution, at nearly every single Point Lookout Civic Association meeting for the last several years about the dangerousness of this traffic pattern installed a couple years ago.

It seems almost daily there is some kind of rear ended multivehicle accident at this merge. In the summer I have seen multiple times in one day.  All of a sudden, traffic basically stops when you come over the limited-sight-distance third bridge to accomodate the merge. Then… Boom.


Ideas floated at the civic association meetings about what the problem was with the situation.

Camp one said the problem was people who “cut in at the last minute”.  I see this every day.  Their solution: They said and we should put permanent cones in the road to force the merge earlier.

Some people pointed out someone is going to “cut in at the last minute”, wherever you put that first cone,  even if its all the way back in Long Beach. 

Then you had the other group of people who said that the problem was the left merge. People are not used to such a situation. Now slower drivers, who would normally be in the right lane, are in the left lane as far back as before the drawbridge to “avoid the merge” .  This forces anybody that wants to go faster into the right lane to go around them. I see this every day, too.

Others said we should go back to the original pattern. The accidents were horrific before, yet most were not due to the merge, but the ramp and speeds it was taken at.

I dont know if this is the Department of Transportation’s (DOT)  permanent solution, but this new traffic pattern gives a few hundred extra feet to allow you to Merge left beyond where you had to before.







Do you think this will solve the problem and what is the problem by the way?

I want to point out, the workers are officially out there until those signs come down, so please “give them a brake”!