Demolition Set to Begin on Ye Olde Firehouse



Date: August 6, 2015

Demolition Set to Begin on Ye Olde Firehouse

On Wednesday, Aug. 6, the Town of Hempstead issued a permit to the Lido and Point Lookout Fire District to demolish Ye Olde Firehouse.

Beginning tomorrow, Aug. 7, the scaffolding surrounding Ye Olde Firehouse will be removed and temporary fencing will be erected around the building. Demolition of the firehouse will take place next week. The war memorial and the 1939 World’s Fair flagpole will be preserved.

On July 22, 2015 the Town of Hempstead’s Landmarks Preservation Commission voted 6-0 to deny the Point Lookout Lido Property Owners’ application to designate the firehouse as a landmark, as it does not meet the criteria established by the town’s Landmark Preservation Ordinance. In addition, the Division of Historic Preservation of the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation determined in an Aug. 3, 2015 decision that Ye Olde Firehouse does not retain adequate architectural integrity to qualify for listing on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

“Like many members of this community, I have fond memories of Ye Olde Firehouse,” said Commissioner Andrew Richter. “But as fond as those memories are, it is time for the community and the district to move forward into the future. On behalf of the all commissioners, I would like to wish the entire community an enjoyable and safe remainder of the summer. We look forward to a dialogue with the community this fall concerning our fire district facilities.”



Opinion: Today’s Firehouse Bond Vote

Vote in the Fire District Bond Issue, Today, Tuesday, Jul;y 9,2013

Vote in the Fire District Bond Issue, Today, Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at Point Lookout FD Headquarters and Lido Firehouse from 4PM-9PM

You know what they say opinions are like, so stop reading now if you’d rather not know mine.

I want to thank the numerous people I met and talked with about this issue on both sides: who shared their opinions, comments, and knowledge and participated in this discussion. Its obvious people Continue reading

Fire Commissioner Speaks on the Bond Vote

I met up with Fire Commissioner Chas Thompson at his Day Job at Long Beach Lifeguard Station

I met up with Fire Commissioner Chas Thompson at his Day Job at Long Beach Lifeguard Station

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After Tuesdays Civic Association meeting with the fire department that got heated at times, I tracked down Fire Commissioner Chas Thompson, as he finished a days work at the Long Beach Lifeguard Station, where he has served for 30+ years. He spoke of the meeting:

“It was a rough night. I think a lot of people were passionate about what they’re trying to say. I agree if you own a piece of property, you should have representation but we don’t make the law, we’re just following New York State code.

“As far as absentee ballots we’ve never had absentee ballots and we are running the same way we always have.

“Then for people to question the integrity of who’s counting the ballots…
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Fire Dept Answers at Civic Meeting


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Discourse And Poll: Fire Department Bond Issue

So once again the fire department fielded questions on the bond issue at this weeks very abbreviated, overdue and lengthy civic meeting.

It was well attendeded by probably over 150-200 people.

Sheila Meyer has been recovering from being struck by a car.
Rich Tighe, Vice President has taken over as acting president for the remainder of her term which ends in August.

He is reminding anyone civic minded, they will be seeking a new president.

The fire department gave their Hurricane Preparedness presentation. Essential information that I will be passing on and delving more into in the later, separate post it deserves.

After an update from Gerry Ottavino regarding

“stay off the dunes”

and the reality we may have no dredging until 2014 or later. John Manning reminded everyone of the Civic Association’s Welcome To Summer Party this Saturday, July 6, 2013

The civic association explained they’re not taking sides in the debate over the Fire Department Bond issue:
They are a 501c4 charity. As such, they are not allowed to make political statements beyond advocating for the betterment and protection of Point Lookout.

They said because of that they weren’t going to entertain a call for a vote on the fire department issue.

Things are turned back over to the fire department and they opened up for questions.
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Discourse and Poll: Fire Department Bond Issue

Ye Olde Firehouse, Point Lookout, NY : a bone of contention with no easy answers

Ye Olde Firehouse, point Lookout: a bone of contention

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I reported watching the fire departments meetings on this bond issue and in those two meetings one voice stood in opposition to the fire department plans.

I sat down with Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce President, and owner of Skipperdee’s Ice Cream Shop, Richard Zampella to find out why. I give him his say, and he answers some tough questions as well.

He says “What people appreciate about Point Lookout is the fact that we’re kind of in a time warp we’ve remained pretty much untouched by the outside world.
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Flyer: Save Ye Old Firehouse


Someone pointed out these “vote no” / petition flyers and were available at the post office.

What do you think?

Has anyone called the number?

I invite both pro and con comments.

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